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Travel insurance for non-residents travelling to Australia for a holiday, to visit friends and relatives, or on business. Available to cover up to 12 months visiting Australia.

  • Non-resident policy for visitors to Australia, with cover underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's
  • Cover up to set limits for cancellation fees, medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, personal liability and more
  • Available to insure trips up to 12 months, with extensions allowed if you decide to stay longer than initially planned
  • Policies can be purchased before or after arriving in Australia, subject to a waiting period if purchased more than 7 days after arrival
  • A deductible excess of $100 applies when claiming on the policy (the excess cannot be removed)
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Non-resident travel insurance

The Inbound Policy provides travel insurance for non-residents who are visiting Australia on a temporary basis. It is available to non-resident visitors under 81 on the date the policy is issued (reduced benefits apply for travellers aged over 60), and can be purchased a maximum of 12 months before the trip commences.

Policies are only available if the trip includes travel if the trip includes travel within Australia, and are not available to cover only the return trip to your normal country of residence.

The terms and conditions are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the Australian state or territory where the Certificate of Insurance is issued.

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs $20,000*
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses $20,000
Agents cancellation fees $2,000
Medical and dental expenses $200,000*
Medical evacuation and repatriation $200,000*
Non medical evacuation and repatriation $200,000
Travel delay $1,200
Rental vehicle insurance excess $1,000
Luggage (item limits apply) $4,000
Personal computer item limit $1,000
Camera and video item limit $1,000
Smartphone item limit $1,000
Other item limit $500
Emergency luggage $300
Replacement passports and travel documents $2,000
Accidental death $25,000
Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains $25,000
Personal liability
*A reduced $10,000 limit applies to travellers 60 years and over at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued on Sections A1, B1, and C1

Available before or after arriving in Australia

Non-resident travel insurance can be purchased either before or after arriving in Australia. When purchased before arrival, the policy will cover travel to and within Australia, and the return trip to your normal country of residence. When purchased after arrival, the policy will cover travel within Australia and the return trip home.

A waiting period of 28 days will apply to all medical related claims if a policy is purchased more than 7 days after arriving in Australia. No waiting period applies to non-resident policies purchased before arriving in Australia, or within 7 days of arriving.

Maximum duration and extensions

Policies are available to cover up to a maximum of 12 months travelling within Australia. Non-resident insurance can be extended an unlimited number of times up to the maximum duration if you decide to stay in Australia longer than originally planned (extensions may be subject to approval and conditions). The cover will end on the expiry date shown on the Certificate of Insurance, or when you return to your normal country of residence (whichever happens first).

Reduced benefits for travellers over 60

Non-residents aged 80 and under are eligible to purchase the Inbound Policy, subject to reduced limits for travellers aged 60 and over. A reduced sum insured of $10,000 per adult applies to cancellation or holiday deferment costs (Section A1), medical expenses (Section B1), and medical evacuation and repatriation (Section C1) for non-resident visitors over 60 on the date the travel insurance is issued. The standard applicable limits apply under all other policy sections.

Visitors to Australia

A valid visa is required to enter Australia and should be arranged before arrival. Tourist visas, working holiday visas and study visas are available depending on the trip purpose and duration. Information on entry visas for non-residents can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website. Visa applications can be lodged online or in person at an Australian Embassy or Consulate.

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