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Cover for medical conditions

A medical assessment can be completed online, using a printable form, or over the phone if cover is required for existing medical conditions.

For full details on applying for a medical assessment - including the definition of existing medical condition, a list of High Risk Existing Medical Conditions, and a list of medical conditions that are automatically covered - please refer to the product disclosure statement. It is also possible to apply for a medical assessment to cover the existing medical conditions of a non travelling relative or business partner.

The following information on arranging a medical assessment only applies to the QBE International Comprehensive Policy, QBE Annual Multi Trip Policy and QBE Australian Comprehensive Policy. No cover is available for existing medical conditions under the QBE Budget Policy or the QBE Inbound Policy.

You must apply for cover, and cover must be approved by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited in writing, prior to the issue of a QBE Travel Insurance policy if:

  • you have a High Risk Existing Medical Condition; or
  • you require cover for any other existing medical condition not listed in the product disclosure statement as automatically covered; or
  • you are 80 years of age or over; or
  • you have answered yes to the question in the application regarding undergoing or having undergone or been referred for any tests or investigations into any undiagnosed or suspected medical condition.

QBE WILL NOT PAY any claim if you are aged 80 years or over at the time the Certificate of Insurance is to be issued or any claim arising as a result of, or exacerbated by, or consequential upon your existing medical condition UNLESS you have applied for cover, QBE has agreed to cover you, and you have paid any additional premium applicable.

Additional premium for approved existing medical conditions

Travel Plan


High Risk Conditions

Other Conditions

International Online
$150  $105
$175  $123
$100  $70
$150  $105
Annual Multi Trip Online
$200  $140
$225  $158
$150  $105
$200  $140
Australian Online
$75  $53
$85  $60
$55  $39
$70  $49
*Please note that additional premium is only payable where cover for existing medical conditions is approved and the policy is purchased

Apply for a medical assessment online

  • To apply for an assessment for cover of existing medical conditions online, simply click through using the below link and select the appropriate policy
  • Proceed to get a quote, enter your trip details and click continue
  • Enter your major destination, select the level of excess and any additional benefits, and click continue
  • Add travellers details in the required fields and click continue
  • Answer "Yes" when asked about whether you have any existing medical conditions requiring assessment and authorisation
  • After selecting "Yes" and proceeding, you will be guided through a number of questions relating to the condition(s)

In many cases an assessment can be provided based on your answers to these questions, and no further paperwork is required. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the application and advising whether further documentation needs to be provided. Once the assessment has been completed, you will receive another email informing you of the assessment, with a direct link that can be used to purchase the policy if you choose to. Any applicable medical loading amount will be automatically applied.

Apply online

Apply for a medical assessment using a printable form

  • To apply for an assessment for cover for any existing medical conditions using the medical form, please download and complete the medical appraisal form below (instructions and information can be found on the first page of the form)
  • Once completed, the form should be faxed to 02 9423 6968 (alternatively the form can be returned by email or mail using the details provided on the contact us page)

Generally medical assessments take 1-2 business days to complete once the medical appraisal form has been submitted. Once completed, we will provide an updated quote and information on proceeding with the policy. Medical assessments remain valid for 14 days from the date completed.

Note: to be eligible to receive the 30% premium discount available through Travel Insurance Cover, completed medical appraisal forms should be returned to our office by fax (02 9423 6968) or email.

Download medical form

Apply for a medical assessment over the phone

  • Contact our office and provide your travel details to obtain a quote for your trip
  • We will provide information on completing a medical assessment over the phone, including a quote number and the phone number to call

Generally medical assessments take about 15 minutes to complete over the phone. You will be notified of the outcome once the assessment has been completed, and if you would like to proceed with the policy it will be possible to do so at the end of the call. The policy can also be purchased for up to 14 days from the date the assessment is completed.

Note: to be eligible to receive the 30% premium discount available through Travel Insurance Cover, a quote number should be obtained from our office before calling to complete an assessment.

Contact our office