Snow sports (including skiing and snowboarding)

Participation in snow sports like skiing, snowboarding and ski biking, is not automatically covered under the policy.

All policies have a general exclusion that excludes cover where you or a member of your travelling party participate in a snow sports activity unless you have paid the additional premium for snow sports cover. The general exclusion will apply to any claim arising directly or indirectly from participation in snow sports - full details can be found in the product disclosure statement.

Cover for snow sports can be added as an additional benefit by selecting the Snow Sports Option and paying the additional premium. The policy will then provide cover up to the standard policy section limits for claims arising from participation in snow sports, as well as cover for ski lift passes, ski run closure, and hire replacement snow equipment (subject to policy terms and conditions).

The Snow Sports Option is not required for cover for skiing or snowboarding in Australia or New Zealand if you have purchased a QBE International Comprehensive Policy, QBE Annual Multi Trip Policy or QBE Australian Comprehensive Policy.

Additional benefits included with the Snow Sports Option

Any claim arising due to participation in snow sports Up to the applicable limit of the relevant section
Ski lift passes $300
Ski run closure $100 per day (up to a maximum of $500)
Hire replacement snow equipment $300

The Snow Sports Option is currently only available as an additional benefit on the QBE International Comprehensive Policy and QBE Annual Multi Trip Policy (cover for snow sports in not available on the QBE Budget Policy or QBE Inbound Policy).

Adding when getting a quote

The Snow Sports Option can be added to a QBE International Comprehensive Policy or QBE Annual Multi Trip Policy at the time of obtaining a quote online.

  • Click through to get a quote for the applicable policy type, and enter trip details to get a basic quote
  • Under the Additional Benefits You Can Purchase heading, answer Yes to the question "Do you require cover for Snow Sports?"

Adding to an existing policy

It is also possible to add the Snow Sports Option to an existing QBE International Comprehensive Policy or QBE Annual Multi Trip Policy.