Travellers over 70

The QBE International Comprehensive Policy is available to residents of Australia regardless of age, subject to maximum policy durations for travellers who are over 70 years old.

Policies are also subject to a mandatory medical assessment for travellers over 80 years old on the date the policy is purchased, regardless of health. Travellers purchasing an domestic policy only need to apply for an assessment if cover is required for existing medical conditions.

Maximum durations for international destinations


Maximum duration

70-74 years Up to 6 months
75-79 years Up to 6 months
80+ years Up to 6 weeks
*Refers to age on the date the policy is purchased

Applying for an age-based assessment

Travellers over 80 must apply for a medical assessment when arranging a policy for international travel, and cover must be approved before the policy is issued. Applying for an assessment is a relatively quick and easy process, and involves providing information about the trip and answering a series of questions about your health. This can be done either online at the time of getting a quote for the trip, or using a form.

Assessments can often be completed based solely on the answers provided by the traveller (although in some instances additional information may be required from your doctor), and are typically completed in 1-2 business days. An urgent assessment can be requested where you are departing imminently.

Arranging a policy in advance

Travellers aged 70 and over on the date the policy is to be purchased can arrange a QBE International Comprehensive Policy up to 12 months before the trip departure date.