Additional benefits you can purchase

Policies can be upgraded to include additional benefits such as specified items cover for luggage that exceeds the standard policy item limits, snow sports cover if you intend to ski or snowboard, and increased rental vehicle insurance excess cover.

Additional benefits can be added through the Additional Benefits You Can Purchase section when initially purchasing a policy, or by amending the policy after it has been purchased.

Specified items

Where an item of luggage that you will be taking with you exceeds the standard individual item limits covered by the policy, it is possible to list it as a specified item. Specified items can be insured up to a maximum individual item limit of $6,000 (the maximum total for all specified items is $15,000) at a cost of 3% of the value. Specified items must be insured at the total value per item, and depreciation does not apply to specified items if you need to make a claim.

Specified item cover

International & Annual Multi Trip


Maximum individual item limit $6,000 $4,000
Maximum total for all specified items $15,000 $10,000

You must have either a receipt or valuation that is less than 12 months old for all specified items listed on the policy (it will be necessary to provide a copy of the receipt or valuation if you need to make a claim). Please refer to Section F1 Luggage and Personal Effects for full terms and conditions.

Additional rental vehicle insurance excess

Policies automatically include cover up to applicable limits for the rental vehicle insurance excess on rental cars, campervans, motorcycles or boats. Where the excess on the vehicle you will be renting during your trip exceeds the standard applicable limit, it is possible to increase the cover by a maximum additional $5,000 at a cost of $20 per additional $500 cover.

Additional excess cover

International & Annual Multi Trip


Maximum additional cover $5,000 $5,000
Additional cost $20 per $500 $20 per $500

The vehicle you rent must have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in force for the entire period of hire, as the policy only provides cover for the excess (not for the vehicle itself). Please refer to Section E1 Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess for full terms and conditions.

Snow sports

Snow sports are not automatically covered by the policy (unless travelling to New Zealand where cover is automatically included). It is possible to purchase the Snow Sports Option to upgrade your policy to include cover while participating in snow sports.