Non-residents travelling overseas from Australia

The QBE International Comprehensive Policy provides cover for overseas travel, and can be purchased by non-residents of Australia who are in Australia and are planning an international trip departing from Australia.

This includes individuals who currently reside in Australia but are not permanent residents and don't necessarily meet the policy definition of resident of Australia, such as individuals on a 457 visa. (The policy definition of resident of Australia is "someone who currently resides in Australia and is eligible for an Australian Medicare Card" - however the policy is available to both residents and non-residents.)

Please note that the QBE International Comprehensive Policy does not provide cover for non-residents who are travelling to Australia from their normal country of residence. Non-residents who are looking for travel insurance to cover a trip to Australia should consider the QBE Inbound Policy.

The following restrictions apply when purchasing a policy:

  • Policies are only available to non-residents of Australia who are under 70 on the date the policy is to be purchased
  • Policies can only be purchased before the trip commences
  • Travellers must be in Australia at the time the policy is purchased
  • Once the policy has commenced, it is not possible to suspend or transfer the cover
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When does the policy expire?

The period of insurance will end on the return date shown on Certificate of Insurance, unless extended before the return date. There will be no further cover under the policy once the policy has expired (even if the traveller is not back in Australia).

Medical and non medical repatriation

Non-residents who are purchasing a policy should be aware that repatriation cover under the policy will be back to Australia or to the nearest suitable alternative as determined by QBE Assist (who provide emergency assistance on QBE policies).

For full details on the terms and conditions please refer to the product disclosure statement.