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nib International Comprehensive Policy

International travel insurance for Australians, combining comprehensive cover and worldwide emergency assistance when you need advice or support while overseas.

  • Travel with the security of a policy underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's, and access to the nib International Assist emergency assistance network
  • Comprehensive cover for the unexpected, no matter where in the world you are travelling
  • A standard $100 excess applies, but can be reduced to nil at the time of getting a quote by paying an additional premium
  • Cooling off period of 21 days applies if you change your mind (provided no claims have been made and the policy hasn't commenced)
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International travel insurance

The International Comprehensive Policy provides international travel insurance for Australians and non-Australian residents travelling overseas. The policy is available to residents of Australia of any age (subject to a medical assessment for travellers over 80), and non-residents under 70.

Policies can be booked up to 12 months in advance of the departure date regardless of age. A maximum initial duration of up to 12 months applies, but policies can be extended up to a maximum total duration of 12 months from date of departure (shorter maximum durations apply for travellers over 70). Children can be included on the policy at no additional cost subject to policy terms.

Cruises are automatically covered under the policy, with a range of extra cruising benefits included as standard. Where cover for snow sports or specified luggage is required, policies can be upgraded with optional additional benefits.

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Unlimited
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses Unlimited
Agents cancellation fees $2,000
Loss of reward points Unlimited
Medical and dental expenses Unlimited
Hospital compensation (daily limits apply) $8,000
Post hospital accommodation (daily limits apply) $500
Medical evacuation and repatriation Unlimited
Non medical evacuation and repatriation Unlimited
Travel delay $2,000
Airfare compensation $3,000
Missed connection - special events $2,500
Resumption of trip $3,000
Hijacking Unlimited
Emergency accommodation due to terrorism (daily limits apply) $3,000
Rental vehicle insurance excess $5,000
Return of rental vehicle $750
Luggage (item limits apply) $12,000
Personal computer item limit $6,000
Camera and video item limit $4,000
Smartphone item limit $1,000
Other item limit $700
Emergency luggage $500
Stolen cash $250
Replacement passports and travel documents $3,000
Fraudulent use of credit or debit cards $3,000
Accidental death $25,000
Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains $25,000
Total permanent disability $12,500
Loss of income $10,000
Personal liability
Legal expenses $15,000
Financial default of travel service providers $10,000
Financial default of listed wholesalers $5,000

Selecting region

When applying for a policy, the region is determined by the destination (or destinations) where you will spend the majority of the trip. Policies automatically cover time spent in other regions provided that the region where you will spend the majority of the trip is selected. It will also be necessary to confirm whether you will spend 72 hours or more in the USA, South America, Central America or Antarctica.

Please note that there is no cover for travel to Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, North Korea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, or Yemen.

Region 1 Worldwide, USA, South America, Central America and Antarctica
Region 2 Africa, Canada and the Middle East
Region 3 Europe
Region 4 China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Cambodia and other Asia
Region 5 UK and Ireland
Region 6 Indonesia, South Pacific and Papua New Guinea
Region 7 New Zealand
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Cover for existing medical conditions

Where cover is required for existing medical conditions that are not automatically covered, you will be able to apply for a medical assessment online at the time of getting a quote.

More information on cover for existing medical conditions can be found starting from page 32 in the product disclosure statement. This includes a list of high risk medical conditions that must be disclosed when applying for a policy, as well as a list of conditions that are automatically covered without application (provided that the condition is stable and you are not waiting for treatment, on a hospital waiting list or awaiting results of medical tests).

Cooling off period of 21 days

Policies have an extended cooling off period of 21 days. If you change your mind and the policy is no longer required, it can be cancelled within 21 days of the date purchased for a full refund of the premium paid. The cooling off period applies provided that no claim has been made and the policy has not commenced.

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Policy terms and conditions apply, and can be found in the product disclosure statement.

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