Extending an existing policy

Policies can be extended online or over the phone if your trip is likely to be longer than initially planned.

Extending a QBE or nib purchased before 30 November 2019

The below information relates to extending an International Travel Plan, Australian Travel Plan, Budget Travel Plan, or Inbound Travel Plan. Policies are subject to maximum durations which can be found in the applicable product disclosure statement.

At the time of extending you will need to answer whether there are any claims pending or made, whether you have any existing medical conditions, and whether you have seen a medical or dental practitioner since the commencement of the trip. In some cases extensions may be subject to approval, and special conditions may be applied.

To extend your policy, click on the Update/View Policy link in the confirmation email received when the policy was initially purchased. It will be necessary to register using the email address associated with the policy (unless you have previously registered). If you no longer have the confirmation email, please contact our office and we will arrange that it is resent.

  • Select the policy you would like to extend by clicking on the Go button that appears under the Action heading
  • Select Change Travel Dates at the bottom of the page, and click continue
  • Enter your new return date, and click continue
  • Select the applicable reason for change of travel dates and confirm whether there are any claims to be made on the policy
  • Review the quote summary and the terms and conditions

If any additional premium applies to the extension you will be able pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners over a secure webpage. Once the policy has been extended, you will receive an email with a new Certificate of Insurance covering the extended period.

Please note that it is not possible to extend policies once the period of insurance has ended, so it essential that you extend your policy before it expires.

Alternatively, please contact our office by phone or email to extend your policy.