Travel Insurance Cover Pty Ltd (ABN 88 605 310 709) is an authorised distributor of QBE Travel Insurance and provides a 30% premium discount on policies booked online. Travel Insurance Cover does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and does not issue insurance. The QBE policies available through the Travel Insurance Cover website are issued and underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited.

Website conditions of use

It is a condition of use of the Travel Insurance Cover website (www.travelinsurancecover.com.au) that you acknowledge and agree that:

  • The website provides information only, and does not take into account the personal situation of any individual. No content on the website may be construed as advice, and all policies are offered on a non-advice basis. You must conduct your own research and make your own decision as to suitability of any policy.
  • The information on this website is intended as a summary of cover only - all policy sections are subject to terms and conditions, and general exclusions. You may not rely on the completeness of any information on this website, and must refer to the product disclosure statement for full policy terms and conditions before purchasing a policy.
  • While all reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of the information provided on this website, no warranty (express or implied) is given as to its accuracy, currency and reliability.
  • The website conditions of use may be changed or modified at any time and without notice.

By accessing or otherwise using the Travel Insurance Cover website (including by using a weblink to obtain a quote or purchase a policy with the 30% discount available through Travel Insurance Cover), you agree to be bound by these conditions of use and you acknowledge that Travel Insurance Cover provides the website and discount to you on these conditions of use.

About the discount

The 30% discount is deducted from the gross premium set by QBE on the TI29 range of policies (Policy Code TI29 / Brochure Code QM5036-0416 - product disclosure statement effective date 5 April 2016). The discount is only available on the TI29 range of policies that Travel Insurance Cover has been authorised by QBE to distribute. It cannot be applied to any other versions or variants of QBE Travel Insurance policies that fall under a separate policy code, are distributed through other sources or channels, or which Travel Insurance Cover has not been authorised to distribute.

The 30% discount is applied automatically when you use a weblink on the Travel Insurance Cover website to get a quote. The gross premium (before the discount) and the adjusted premium (after the discount) will both be shown when you initially get a quote, as well as on the Certificate of Insurance if you decide to proceed and purchase a policy. The discount is only available on policies purchased online through the Travel Insurance Cover website, and cannot be used with any other offers.

Requesting a product disclosure statement

The product disclosure statement for any of the policies available through Travel Insurance Cover can be downloaded from the applicable policy webpage or at the time of obtaining a quote. Alternatively, a copy of the product disclosure statement can be requested by contacting our office.