Supporting documents when submitting a claim

The main supporting documents that will typically be required when submitting a claim for cancellation fees, resumption of trip, medical expenses, luggage and personal effects, or rental vehicle insurance excess are listed below.

It is noted that this webpage is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of supporting documents - additional documentation may be required depending on the specific situation.

Before submitting a claim, please refer to the checklist provided on the last page of the claim form for a complete list of supporting documents that may be required (where submitting online, a list of documents will be provided). If you are not sure about what supporting documentation you need to submit, you may also wish to contact the claims department directly.

Cover under all policy sections is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions as detailed in the product disclosure statement.

For all claims, an original trip itinerary and documentation relating to the events that lead to the claim will be required. It will also be necessary to show that you have suffered a loss.

Cancellation fees

To claim for cancellation fees and lost deposits, documentation relating to the events that led to the trip being cancelled will be required (including medical or death certificates if applicable). It will also be necessary to show cancellation terms for any non-refundable pre-paid expenses being claimed.

  • Booking invoices showing costs for the trip, and receipts showing payments made
  • Booking policies showing cancellation terms and fees
  • Refund statements from airlines and other travel service providers
  • Any unused vouchers (including airline tickets if not refundable)

Resumption of trip

Where the trip is interrupted and a claim is to be made under the resumption of trip section of the policy, itineraries for the original and new trip will be required, as well as a medical or death certificate for the relative whose health lead to the trip being interrupted (if applicable).

  • Booking invoices showing costs for the original and new trips, and receipts showing payments made
  • A copy of the original return airline ticket (used and unused)
  • Invoices and payment receipts for the new airline ticket to resume the trip
  • Booking policies showing cancellation terms and fees (including the fees that would have applied if the original trip had been cancelled in full)

Medical and/or dental expenses

For any claims relating to overseas medical, hospital or dental expenses, it will be necessary to provide medical reports relating to the injury or illness and invoices showing amounts paid.

  • Reports provided by the doctor/dentist that treated you
  • Reports provided by the hospital you attended
  • Original copies of medical/dental invoices and receipts

In addition to the above, the claim form includes a medical certificate that will need to be completed by the normal doctor or dentist of the person who was injured or unwell while travelling.

Lost, stolen or damaged luggage

Where an item of your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, it is essential that you report the matter to the police, transport provider, hotel or other authority within 24 hours. An incident report should be obtained and submitted with your claim, along with the following supporting documentation.

  • For items that are damaged, a quote (or invoice) to repair the item
  • For items that are lost or stolen, the incident reports obtained from the police or the relevant authority
  • For items that are lost or damaged by a carrier, proof of compensation from carrier, airline tickets or baggage tags, and an airline property irregularity report should be provided
  • Receipts for essential items or replacement items that have been purchased

Rental vehicle insurance excess

For claims under the rental vehicle insurance excess section of the policy, the below documents will need to be submitted.

  • A copy of the accident or incident report, and the quote or invoice for the repair of the rental vehicle
  • The invoice or receipt for the excess payment, and the credit card statement showing payment
  • A copy of the rental vehicle agreement