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nib Australian Cancellation Policy

Cancellation cover for prepaid travel arrangements should a trip need to be cancelled or postponed after you have made bookings and paid deposits.

  • Domestic trip cancellation insurance covering cancellation fees, lost deposits and emergency travel arrangements
  • Insures against a range of unexpected events that could prevent you going on a planned trip (events are listed in the policy wording)
  • Covers prepaid travel arrangements - including flights, rental vehicles, hotels, tours and other travel expenses
  • Available for travel within Australia, including Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island
  • Select a Cancellation cover limit of $500, $1,000 or $2,000, with no excess in the event of a claim
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Cancellation insurance

The Cancellation & Additional Expenses Plan provides cover for prepaid travel expenses if the trip needs to be cancelled, or for the reasonable cost of rearranging the trip (provided that not greater than the cancellation fees that would have been incurred had the trip been cancelled). Policies are available regardless of age, and travellers can choose a Cancellation cover limit of $500, $1,000 or $2,000. Cover can be taken out up to 12 months prior to the trip that you would like to insure.

Where comprehensive domestic cover is required, the Australian Travel Plan is also available.

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Cancellation and additional expenses  
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Chosen limit+
Agents cancellation fees sub-limit Chosen limit+
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses $2,000
Meals sub-limit (daily limits apply) $500
Emergency internet/telephone sub-limit $250
Extra travel cover  
Emergency expenses to avoid disaster $500
Early return home $2,000
+ This is a limit per policy and is the most that the insurer will for all people on your Certificate of Insurance combined (per trip).

Covers a range of unexpected events

Policies cover a wide range of events that could lead to cancelling a trip. The specific events that are covered are listed in the Cancellation and additional expenses section of the product disclosure statement, and include:

  • you are unable to start or finish the trip because a member of your travelling party or a relative (who is a resident of Australia or New Zealand) dies or suffers a seriously illness or injury;
  • your flight has been cancelled or restricted because of severe weather, natural disaster, riot or civil insurrection;
  • your prepaid accommodation has been destroyed by severe weather or natural disaster and no alternative accommodation is available;
  • you are involved in, or delayed by, a car, train, plane or boat accident or incident; or
  • a wedding, conference, prepaid concert, or ticketed sporting event which was the sole purpose of the trip has been cancelled.

Waiting periods

Policies purchased more than 72 hours before the trip

Where a Cancellation & Additional Expenses Plan is purchased more than 72 hours in advance of the trip departure date, cover under the Cancellation or holiday deferment costs section of the policy will be subject to a waiting period of 72 hours. Cover under the section will commence after the 72-hour waiting period has expired, and there will only be cover for events first occurring after the 72-hour waiting period.

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Policy terms and conditions apply, and can be found in the product disclosure statement.

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