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QBE Budget Policy

Budget travel insurance for Australians travelling overseas, with reduced levels of cover for just the essentials. Provides a low cost alternative when travelling light.

  • Budget option for just the essentials, made even more cost-effective with the 30% discount through Travel Insurance Cover
  • Designed for travelling light, with reduced policy benefits and insured limits
  • Still with unlimited cover for overseas medical and hospital expenses incurred as a result of an injury or illness
  • No limit to the number of times policies can be extended up to a maximum duration of 24 months, ensuring flexibility when travelling
  • Policies have a standard $150 per event excess which can be reduced to nil for an additional $42 ($60 less the 30% discount)
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Budget travel insurance

The QBE Budget Policy provides low cost travel insurance for the essentials when not prepaying a lot for the trip and not taking much luggage. Travel Plans A and B are available to travellers who are under 70, and Travel Plan C is available to travellers who are under 80.

Policies can be booked up to 12 months prior to the trip departure date, and must be booked before the trip commences. Travellers must also be in Australia at the time the policy is issued (cover is not available if already overseas).

A maximum of two adults can be listed on any one policy with children covered at no additional cost subject to policy terms, and there is no provision to suspend the policy once it has commenced.

Basic cover for travelling light

The QBE Budget Policy has been designed to provide basic cover when travelling light. Policies include fewer total benefits and reduced levels of cover for benefits like cancellation fees and luggage. Importantly though, policies still come with unlimited cover for overseas medical, hospital and ambulance expenses (subject to policy terms). Additional options such as cover for snow sports and specified luggage are not available.

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs $15,000
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses $15,000
Agents cancellation fees $1,500
Medical and dental expenses Unlimited
Hospital compensation (daily limits apply) $5,000
Medical evacuation and repatriation $500,000
Travel delay $1,000
Hijacking $5,000
Rental vehicle insurance excess $2,000
Luggage (item limits apply) $5,000
Individual item limit $500
Emergency luggage $200
Replacement passports and travel documents $1,000
Accidental death $25,000
Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains $25,000
Personal Liability $1,000,000
Legal expenses
Financial default of travel service providers $3,500
Financial default of listed wholesalers $2,000

Selecting travel plan

Three areas of coverage apply when purchasing a budget policy. It is necessary to select the applicable travel plan based on where you will spend the majority of the trip. Travel Plan A must be selected if you will be spending more than 72 hours in the United States, Canada or Antarctica over the course of the trip.

Travel Plan A USA, Canada and Antarctica
Travel Plan B

Continental Europe, Middle East, Japan, Central and South America and Africa

Not available if spending 72 hours or more in the USA, Canada or Antarctica

Travel Plan C

UK, Asia (excluding Japan), Tahiti, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region

Not available if spending 72 hours or more in the USA, Canada or Antarctica, or if spending the majority of the trip in Travel Plan B destinations

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No cover for existing medical conditions

There is no cover for existing medical conditions other than those listed as automatically covered on pages 44-45 in the product disclosure statement. Travellers who require cover for existing medical conditions should consider the QBE International Comprehensive Policy.

Extensions and maximum duration

The QBE Budget Policy is available for trips of almost any duration, from as short as a few days to as long as 2 years. Policies can be extended as many times as you like, providing complete flexibility if you are unsure how long you will be away. When initially purchasing a policy, a maximum duration of 1 year applies, but this can be extended for another year to a total duration of 2 years. Where a claim has been made, approval may be required before extending (approval can be arranged online).

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Policy terms and conditions apply, and can be found in the product disclosure statement.

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