Emergency assistance

Emergency assistance included with policies is provided by nib International Assist, helping you to contend with emergencies and get back home safely if something unexpected occurs while travelling abroad.

nib International Assist can be contacted at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), from wherever you are in the world. Toll free numbers are provided for more than 25 countries (full list of countries and toll free numbers), or where there is no toll free number available for the country you will be visiting a reverse charges number can be used.

nib International Assist has the experience and global reach to assist with all types of emergencies that can be difficult to deal with on your own when overseas. Their team includes doctors, paramedics and nurses - as well as dedicated phone operators who are fully trained and have the necessary resources to assist you through whatever the emergency may be. Whether you have a medical emergency or your trip has been disrupted, nib International Assist is available to provide invaluable assistance and advice in any number of emergency situations that could arise.

  • Providing advice in emergency situations
  • Assessing and monitoring your condition and treatment if you are injured or become unwell
  • Arranging evacuation, or repatriation to Australia
  • Making sure hospital and medical bills are paid
  • Arranging interpreters in non-English speaking countries
  • Helping to make new arrangements if your travel plans have been disrupted
  • Assisting with the replacement of lost passports or travel documents

You must contact nib International Assist as soon as possible where you expect that the cost of medical expenses, or the cost of cancelling or rearranging your trip, will exceed $2,000. Cover for medical or non-medical evacuation and repatriation is subject to the prior consent of nib International Assist. For full terms and conditions, please refer to the product disclosure statement.

Contact nib International Assist

Emergency assistance toll free numbers

Austria 0800 291 702 Japan 00531 616 441
Brazil 0800 891 8401 Malaysia 1800 800 428
Canada 1800 665 3870 Netherlands 08000 226 742
China North 10800 611 0133 New Zealand 0800 441 678
China South 10800 361 0151 Philippines 1800 1611 0045
Fiji 00800 2149 Singapore 800 6161 051
France 0800 90 5097 South Africa 0800 99 3514
Germany 0800 181 7694 Spain 900 996 167
Greece 00800 6112 6195 Sweden 0200 214 612
Hong Kong 800 933 877 Switzerland 0800 838 533
Indonesia 001 803 61 683 Thailand 001 800 611 2885
Ireland 1800 552 636 United Kingdom 0800 899 813
Israel 180 945 6589 United States 1800 765 8631
Italy 800 875 100    
Download emergency assistance numbers

For all other countries, contact the international operator and ask for a "reverse charge" or "collect" call to +61 3 8523 2800.

Before travelling

It is important that you have the emergency assistance phone numbers with you while travelling in case something does go wrong. A complete list of emergency assistance phone numbers can be found printed on the second page of your Certificate of Insurance. You can also request a hard copy of the assistance card to keep in your wallet by contacting our office.