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nib Annual Multi Trip Policy

Annual travel insurance covering unlimited international and domestic trips for 12 months. Can be purchased to cover both personal and business travel.

  • Comprehensive cover for the unexpected, with access to the nib International Assist emergency assistance network
  • Convenience of a single policy to cover all of your overseas and domestic trips for 12 months (subject to policy terms)
  • Unlimited trips up to 45 days per trip with no need to notify the insurer of each trip, just travel
  • Where two adults are listed on the policy, both are covered while travelling together and/or independently
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Annual travel insurance

The Annual Multi Trip Plan provides annual multi trip travel insurance for Australians that travel regularly. Annual cover may be more cost-effective and convenient that individual policies when travelling as few as two or three times over the course of a year.

The policy is available to residents of Australia of any age (subject to a medical assessment for travellers who have a high risk medical condition or aged over 80), and can be purchased up to 6 months in advance of the departure date. Where two adults are listed on an Annual Multi Trip Policy, both adults are covered when travelling together as well as when independently of each other.

Cover for existing medical conditions is available subject to the completion of a medical assessment, and optional additional benefits can be added to the policy, including specified luggage cover for items that exceed the standard luggage limits.

Selecting region

Two regions are available when arranging an annual multi trip policy - Worldwide (excluding USA and Nepal) or Worldwide (including USA and Nepal). Policies can be upgraded from Worldwide (excluding USA and Nepal) to Worldwide (including USA and Nepal) part way through the period of insurance if your travel plans change.

Please note that there is no cover for travel to regions or countries that are subject to a 'Do Not Travel' warning issued by the Australian Government.

Policy benefits

Schedule of benefits

Per adult

Cancellation and additional expenses  
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Chosen limit+
Agents cancellation fees sub-limit $2,000
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses Unlimited
Meals sub-limit (daily limits apply) $500
Emergency internet/telephone sub-limit $250
Post hospital accommodation (daily limits apply) $500
Medical expenses  
Overseas medical expenses
Critical illness or injury – emergency travel expenses for a friend or relative sub-limit $20,000
Hospital compensation (daily limits apply) $8,000
Dental expenses due to sudden and accute pain $1,000
Medical evacuation and repatriation  
Medical evacuation and repatriation Unlimited
Home services sub-limit $500
Extra travel cover  
Travel delay (daily limits apply) $2,000
Missed connection - special events $2,000
Resumption of trip $3,000
Emergency accommodation due to terrorism (daily limits apply) $3,000
Emergency expenses to avoid disaster $1,000
Early return home $2,000
Rental vehicle expenses  
Rental vehicle insurance excess $5,000+
Return of rental vehicle $750
Luggage and personal effects maximum limit $12,000
Personal computer, camera and video individual item limit $4,000
Smartphone individual item limit $1,000
Other individual item limit $700
Emergency luggage $500
Stolen cash $250
Hiring replacement golf and surf equipment $200
Replacement passports and travel documents $3,000
Fraudulent use of credit or debit cards $3,000
Personal accident  
Accidental death $25,000
Accompanying children sub-limit $1,000 per child
Funeral expenses overseas $25,000
Total permanent disability $12,500
Loss of income (monthly limits apply) $10,000
Personal liability  
Personal liability
Financial default of travel providers  
Financial default of travel service providers $10,000
+ This is a limit per policy and is the most that the insurer will for all people on your Certificate of Insurance combined (per trip).
^ For up to 12 months after the illness first appears or injury first occurs.

Extending cover for trips exceeding 45 days

The Annual Multi Trip Plan has a maximum limit of 45 days per trip. If an individual trip during the period of insurance exceeds the trip limit, cover will cease at the end of 45 days. Cover can be extended for any trips that are longer than 45 days by purchasing a separate extension policy. An extension policy can be arranged before or after departing, but must be in place before the expiry of the 45 day trip limit. Please contact our office for assistance if you are overseas and need to extend your policy.

Not travelling until later in the year?

A new policy can be purchased with a commencement date up to 6 months in the future to ensure that you have cover for cancellation fees for any trips that fall within the 12 month period of insurance. Simply enter your preferred commencement date when getting a quote for a new policy.

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Policy terms and conditions apply, and can be found in the product disclosure statement.

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