Amending an existing policy

Changes can be made to existing policies through the policyholder login if you need to amend any details or upgrade after purchasing.

Making changes to QBE or nib policies purchased before 30 November 2019

The Update/View Policy link contained in the confirmation email received at the time of purchasing your policy can be used to make changes to the policy. Please contact our office if you would like us to resend the confirmation email with the Update/View Policy link.

  • Register using the email address nominated when purchasing the policy
  • Locate your policy, and click on the Go button to the right of the policy number (note that if you have previously amended the policy, you must use the Go button for the most recent version of the policy)
  • Select the appropriate option from the self service options below the policy summary and click continue (additional information is which details can be changed using the self service options is provided below)
  • Amend the necessary details, and follow the process to finalise the changes made

Once the policy amendment has been finalised, an amended copy of the Certificate of Insurance will be automatically forwarded to your email address.

A list of policy details that can be changed is provided in the table below. Please note that some policy details cannot be amended once the period of insurance as shown on the Certificate of Insurance has commenced, and additional charges may apply where the trip duration is changed or additional benefits are added to the policy.

Having trouble amending your policy? Contact our office for assistance.

Policy details that can be changed*

Change personal details
  • Change your title, name or date of birth
  • Add financially dependent children to the policy
  • Change your address or contact details (email address cannot be changed)
Change travel dates
  • Change your departure date
  • Change your return date
Change destination or add optional extras
  • Change your destination
  • Add the Snow Sports Option to the policy (required for cover if participating in snow sports)
  • Increase the Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Cover above the base level of cover included with the policy you have
  • Add specified item luggage cover for items that exceed the sub-item limits for the policy you have purchased
*Some details cannot be changed once the period of insurance has commenced, and additional charges may apply to some changes